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At Akashic Room, we believe that yoga is not just a physical practice, but a journey towards inner peace and self-discovery. Join us on this activating path and experience the benefits of this inner work. 

Welcome to Akashic Room, a high-vibe studio for heart expansion. Our studio offers a unique blend of yoga, energy work, and other modalities to help you connect with your inner self and achieve a state of balance and harmony. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to guiding you through your yoga practice and helping you achieve your wellness goals. In addition to yoga classes, we also offer Akashic Records readings to help you gain insight into your past, present, and future. Join us for Sunday Assemble, where we come together as a community for a sacred crystal bowl sound bath and connect with each other. Don't forget to check out our gift shop, where you can find a variety of yoga accessories and wellness products. At Akashic Room, we are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive space for all. Come visit us and experience the potent power of yoga and energy work.  

"I want to thank Cheylenne for an amazing and profound experience having had my Akashic Records reading last week through her. I received so much spot-on guidance for things I have been wondering and struggling with. It was an uplifting and validating spiritual experience for me. I have since been diving deeper into some of the wisdom from my guide/guides and have found much solace in the synchronicity that have come to my knowledge in the following week. Blessings to all the work you do and I look forward to checking into some of your other classes as well!!"

Amy VanOverloop

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